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By Nakamoto A., Sasanuma N.

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3. T h e affinity principles for elliptic equations. boundary. We shall consider the Dirichlet problem 0a). 22) = w(,). o. 2:3 / "~z; F aCxluCz) i=1 of the second order with smooth coefficients aij(z), ai(z), a(z) (z e fl) such that the estimate N N i=1 i,j=l is valid for a certain v > 0. 22) has only a zero solution. 24) u = Aow + Alv, 9 where A0: Eo * El, A1 : E ~ E1 are linear bounded operators. 22) are, for instance, the triples {C(fl), C(Of~), C'(~)}, {C~(~), C"(Ofi), C2+"(~)}, where C~(fl), C"(Ofl), C2+~('fl) are HSlder spaces.

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