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By James Sullivan

In Seven soiled phrases, journalist and cultural critic James Sullivan tells the tale of other the USA from the Nineteen Fifties to the current, from the singular vantage element of George Carlin, the Catholic boy for whom not anything was once sacred. A severe biography, Seven soiled phrases is an insightful (and, after all, hilarious) exam of Carlin’s physique of labor because it pertained to its cultural occasions and the guy who created it, from his early days as amore-or-less traditional comic to his beautiful transformation into the subversive comedic voice of the rising counterculture. Sullivan additionally chronicles Carlin’s struggles with censorship and medicine, in addition to the full-blown renaissance he skilled within the Nineties, either in my opinion and professionally, while he turned an elder statesman to a more youthful iteration of comics who respected him. Seven soiled phrases is not anything below the definitive biography of an American grasp who replaced the realm, and likewise a piece of cultural statement which frames George Carlin’s striking legacy.

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I’m talking about squeezed,” he says. ” The club featured comedy (including Dayton native Jonathan Winters and Lima, Ohio, housewife turned comedienne Phyllis Diller), jazz singers (Mel Torme), and vocal groups (such as the Four Freshmen and the Crosby Boys, Bing Crosby’s sons, who had one of their first engagements at the Racquet Club). At the time, Brennan’s place had an electric air about it: “When you walked in, you felt like the music was being played for you,” recalls Taylor. ” In this lively setting Carlin began flirting with the hostess, a local resident named Brenda Hosbrook.

I had to play that and keep a straight face and make believe I liked it,” he remembered. After three months he knew he was in the wrong place. When Carlin took the news van to New York, the furious station manager tracked him down at his mother’s apartment. There’d been a prison break at the new maximum security facility in Walpole that they should have covered. Prison breaks happen all the time, Carlin argued; they could cover the next one. “They thought that was a poor attitude for a professional,” he recalled.

I always had a progressive agenda. I thought it was the duty of an artist to fight bigotry and intolerance. ” They also, by Carlin’s account, spent plenty of time sitting around the apartment in their underwear after their radio shifts, drinking beer (Jax, or Lone Star), listening to long-playing comedy records, and watching Paar on The Tonight Show. Their “comedy affinity,” as Carlin put it, naturally led to the makings of an act together, as they impersonated the voices on the comedy albums they spun endlessly and improvised mock interviews, Bob and Ray style, with a repertoire of oblivious blowhards.

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