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Mostly, it forces us to wonder how such an incredible event could possibly be the result of a random, cosmic accident. Interestingly, more and more of today's scientists are wondering out loud if this whole creation event had not been orchestrated. It's hard to ignore the intelligent design, the symmetry, and the underlying unity that the universe displays through its many individual parts. It can be found in something as small as an atom, as intricate as a snowflake, or as large as a supercluster of galaxies.

And All That Is learns more about Itself from each and every one of those choices … because God is all of it. Numberless souls throughout all of existence are connected to one another and to their Source. Their individual experiences are simultaneously realized and felt by them and by All That Is. The net effect of this gigantic interchange of knowledge, information and feeling continually alters the nature and definition of God. In the process, the Eternal One becomes something new and more profound with each passing moment, and something grander that our soul wants to become.

Here's more. If a single electron is fired like a bullet at a barrier in which two slits have been cut, it can pass through both slits simultaneously! And if that isn't enough, electrons have been shown to vanish and rematerialize on the other side of solid objects "knowing" in advance which objects they can pass through and which ones they can't. Such observations have some of our scientists seriously wondering if these tiny particles might possess some form of consciousness. If such is the case, where did it come from?

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