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Equally to angiostatin protein, endostatin protein is a proteolytic fragment of collagen XVIII that inhibits proliferation and migration of endothelial telephone in vitro and tumor angiogenesis in vivo.

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Danger from adsorbed gases on clothing It is important to remember that toxic gas victims may have considerable amounts of the gas adsorbed onto clothing particularly if the person is wearing a thick woollen jacket. This gas can become desorbed from clothing when the casualty is removed into a warm first aid room or ambulance. Where possible the victim’s heavy jacket should be removed, and the casualty covered with a warm blanket. If the jacket is required for further examination at the hospital, it should be placed and sealed inside a thick plastic bag.

These gases have a fishy ammoniacal smell. 7%, IT = 430°C. 4%. 5-14%. Detection methods Infra-red gas analyser. Chemical reaction tube. Precautions when using the gas All alkylamines are bases that can form very strong alkaline solutions. It is important that any aqueous liquids formed from the gas should not contaminate the skin or the eyes. Great care must be taken to prevent spillage of liquid amines onto the body, particularly in the eyes. Protective clothing, full face and hand protection are essential when dealing with these compounds.

Any cadmium absorbed in the body is transported to the liver and formed into a low molecular weight protein complex, cadmium metallothionein, which is thought to protect the body from the toxic effects of free cadmium ions. Cadmium concentrates in the kidneys and the liver which together contain about 50% of the cadmium present in the body.

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