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By William James

As those lectures are supposed to be public, and so few, i've got assumed all very precise difficulties to be excluded, and a few subject of common curiosity required. thankfully, our age seems growing to be philosophical back - nonetheless within the ashes dwell the wonted fires. Oxford, lengthy the seed-bed, for the english international, of the idealism encouraged by means of Kant and Hegel, has lately develop into the nursery of a truly assorted state of mind. Even non-philosophers have started to take an curiosity in an argument over what's often called pluralism or humanism. It seems to be a bit as though the traditional english empiricism, see you later placed out of favor right here by way of nobler sounding germanic formulation, may be re-pluming itself and preparing for a better flight than ever. It seems like foundations have been being sounded and tested afresh.
Individuality outruns all class, but we insist on classifying each we meet

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The sorts of Philosophic considering 1; Our age is becoming philosophical back, three swap of tone due to the fact 1860, four Empiricism and Rationalism outlined, 7 the method of Philosophizing: Philosophers pick out a few a part of the area to interpret the complete via, eight They search to make it appear much less unusual, eleven Their temperamental adjustments, 12 Their platforms has to be reasoned out, 18 Their tendency to over-technicality, 15 way over this in Germany, 17 the kind of imaginative and prescient is the key in a thinker, 20 Primitive proposal, 21 Spiritualism and Materialism : Spiritualism exhibits varieties, 23 Theism and Pantheism, 24 Theism makes a duality of guy and God, and leaves guy an intruder, 25 Pantheism identifies guy with God, 29 The modern tendency is in the direction of Pantheism, 30 Legitimacy of our call for to be crucial within the Universe, 33 Pluralism as opposed to Monism: The 'each-form' and the 'all-form' of representing the area

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Let me repeat once more that a man's vision is the great fact about him. Who cares for Carlyle's reasons, or Schopcnhauer's, or Spencer's ? A philosophy is the expression of a man's intimate character, and all definitions of the universe are but the deliberately adopted reactions of human characters upon it. In the recent book from which I quoted the words of Professor Paulsen, a book of successive chap­ ters by various living german philosophers,' we pass from one idiosyncratic personal at­ mosphere into another almost as if we were turning over a photograph album.

And now from the o bj ect ive point of view - ge(la nke ami gcdachtes, as we would say if we were Germans. We philosophers nat­ u rally form part of the material, on the monis­ tic scheme. The absolute mahs us b)' thinking us, and if we ourselves are enlightenpcl enough to be helievers in the absolute, one may then say that our philosophizing is one of the ways in which the absolute is conscious of itself. This is the full pantheistic scheme, the iden­ tilii/sl'hi/()snl'hic, the immanence of God in his creation, a conception sublime from its tre­ mendous unity.

With this radical discrepancy between the absolute and the relative points of view, it seems to me that almost as great a bar to intimacy between the divine and the human breaks out in pantheism as that which we found in mo­ narchical theism, and hoped that pantheism might not show. We humans are incurably rooted in the temporal point of view. The eter­ nal's ways are utterly unlike our ways. ' As if we could, either in thought or conduct ! We are invincibly parts, let us talk as we will, and must always apprchend the absolute as if it were a foreign being.

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