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But this is a long and difficult task. It has been likened to climbing a high mountain and when an individual sets out to achieve this most worthy end he is said to be a Pilgrim on the Path up the mountain. This Path is long and difficult and beset with many obstacles. Many pilgrims lose heart and only a few persevere until the end is in sight. But upon the Path are certain heights to be attained, certain viewpoints or resting places whence one may look back and survey what has been accomplished.

Nearly every great artist can tell you that his finest creations came after a period of emotional anguish. And who among you have not experienced some similar flight after physical pain or emotional struggle? There is a strange connection between conflict and pain, struggle and anguish, and the creation of beauty. Our human kingdom is destined to the creation of harmony from conflict, of beauty from chaos. This is the way we work. The capacity to suffer is distinctive of humanity and it is probably our 31 outstanding conscious reaction to our environment.

He has the plan of a house which needs only a builder to complete it. This man has been thinking. Now like most illustrations this one isn't particularly good because it has too many loopholes in it, but I think it will convey the general idea of the difference between day dreaming and thinking. The main difference is one of control. The man thinking is driving the automobile, the man day dreaming is riding in the back seat. This brings us to the point where we can say that the way to free ourselves from the glamour induced by our emotional natures, by our desires, is to develop the mind, to turn over the control of our actions to our mental natures with the objective of eventually opening a pathway to spiritual contact and control.

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