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By F.G.A. Stone and Robert West (Eds.)

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Bushey. N. (1984,August). Adults’ event recall: Putting memory in context. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Psychological Association. Toronto. Rundus. D.. & Atkinson, R. C. Rehearsal processes in free recall: A procedure for direct observation. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 9, 99-105. Saltz. E. The role of motoric enactment (m-processing) in memory for words and sentences. In M. M. Gruneberg, P. E. Morris, & R. N. ). Practfcal aspects of memory: Current research and tssues (Vol.

The recall of SPTs with objects present was compared to the recall of SPTs without objects. No differences in recall were found in some studies (BWcman & Nilsson, 1984;R. L. Cohen, 1988;R L. Cohen, Peterson. & Mantini-AtMnson. 1987, Experiment 1). although in one case, items without objects yielded better recall than those with objects (R L. Cohen, Peterson, & Mantini-Atkfnson, 1987,Experiment 2). Furthermore, in one study, recall probabilities were calculated separately for the action component and the object component of the SpTs; the results showed that a high recall probability for the action component was more predictive of item recall than a high recall probability for the object component (R.

A. (1983). The role of pre-experimental knowledge in text processing in adulthood. Experimental Aging Research 9. 17-22. Kausler, D. H. (1982). Experimental psychology and human aging. New York: John Wiley. Kausler. D, H. (1985). Episodic memory: Memorizing performance. In N . ), Aging and human performance (pp. 101141). Chichester, England: Wiley. Kausler. D. H.. & Hakami, M. K. (1983). Memory for activities: Adult age differences and intentionality. 889-894. Kausler, D. H.. & Lichty. W. (1988).

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