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By Hillie Marshall

Hillie Marshall was once the 1st international pain aunt on the net, in addition to being the affliction aunt for "Singles" journal. This ebook is a set of her so much pleasing and academic suffering aunt letters and replies.

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I strongly recommend you to come clean with your boyfriend - a secret such as this between you could never work. However, don’t forget to bear in mind Problems Women Have with Men 57 that all this happened whilst you were split up from your boyfriend. Also of course, although you may find it difficult to discuss the subject with him, your boss, the father of your baby, has responsibilities here as well! Q I really like a man who works across the road from my office, but I don’t know what to do about it.

If however she intimates that she feels more for you too, then you have a good chance of a very rosy future ahead for both of you. 54 Agonise with Hillie Q My best friend Jim has just been done for drunk driving. Through the grapevine I have been told that my girlfriend Sue, who said she was having a night out with the girls, was caught with him in the car. She has not told me anything about this; she just said what a good time she’d had with the girls. What should I do? Geoff, Brentford A How reliable is your grapevine source of information?

Andrew, Milton Keynes A Relax and take it easy! So what if you’re not kissing the girls at present, you’ve got a lifetime ahead of you to kiss them. Concentrate on yourself, and in achieving the best possible results you can get both in work and in sporting activities. When you are with girls treat them as friends and be a good listener, because if they think you are just after ‘one thing’ they will ‘run a mile’. Remember that self-sufficiency is attractive, neediness is not. Girls’ Problems and The Problems They Have with Boys 37 ‘Aw C’mon - Everyone Else Does It’ Girls’ Problems and The Problems They Have with Boys Q My boyfriend is really putting the pressure on me to sleep with him, and keeps telling me ‘everyone else does it’ and that it’s just the natural and normal thing to do.

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