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By Walter Mosley

New York Times bestselling writer Walter Mosley introduces an "astonishing character" (Los Angeles occasions publication Review) during this acclaimed selection of entwined stories. Meet Socrates Fortlow, a tricky ex-con looking fact and redemption in South important la -- and discovering the miracle of survival.
"I both devoted against the law or had a criminal offense performed to me on a daily basis i used to be in penal complex. when you visit felony you belong there." Socrates Fortlow has performed his time: twenty-seven years for homicide and rape, acts cast by means of his large, rock-breaking fingers. Now, he has come domestic to a brand new form of legal: battered rooms in an deserted development in Watts. operating for the Bounty grocery store, and relocating perilously with regards to invisibility, it really is Socrates who throws a lifeline to a drowning guy: younger Darryl, whose shaky course is already bloodstained and fearsome. In a spot of violence and hopelessness, Socrates bargains up his personal battle-scarred knowledge which could flip the area round.

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