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By Walter L. Perry, John Gordon

Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven that U.S. forces desire more-effective innovations and systems to behavior counterinsurgency. they'll probably face related, abnormal struggle strategies from destiny enemies. This monograph examines the character of the modern rebel hazard and gives insights on utilizing operational research innovations to help intelligence operations in counterinsurgencies.

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They are usually made up of clandestine groups (especially in the protoinsurgency phase) operating in the shadow world, disrupting activities of the government in ways that resemble criminal gangs. Little, if anything, is known of their order of battle, equipment, strategic goals or tactics. In fact, their disruptive behavior can resemble the activities of ordinary criminals. Intelligence operations in support of counterinsurgencies therefore resemble more closely those of law enforcement agencies.

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This can be seen in Iraq today. The nature of the battle two streets away is likely to differ from what is happening on this street. That is because insurgencies are much like criminal activities where gangs control neighborhoods, not cities. 1 t Insurgents are adaptive. As we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, any attempt by the coalition forces to counter insurgent attacks is generally met with counters to the counters. Most insurgent attacks are accomplished using low-tech weapons, so adapting is generally rather easy.

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