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By F. De Castro (auth.), Prof. Constancio Gonzalez, Prof. Colin A. Nurse, Prof. Chris Peers (eds.)

The carotid physique arterial chemoreceptors represent distinct sensory receptors able to speedily tracking the degrees of arterial blood oxygen and carbon dioxide. at any time when invaluable they start up homeostatic reflexes aimed to right the detected deviations. Chemoreceptor cells of the carotid physique represent perfect versions to check the whole tactics of O2-sensing in addition to CO2-sensing.

The current booklet represents an up to date evaluation of the body structure of the carotid physique chemoreceptors. most crucial, the e-book offers the developments within the box because it comprises ends up in the themes which are on the frontiers of destiny advancements in O2-sensing in chemoreceptor cells. also, it comprises facts from reports carried in different O2-sensing tissues together with pulmonary vasculature and erythropoietin generating cells in addition to on imperative CO2/pH chemoreceptors.

Arterial Chemoreceptors will be regarded as a first-rate resource of data and as a tenet to each researcher within the box of arterial chemoreception within the future years. it's also a tremendous resource of knowledge for researchers and clinicians within the fields of hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction and pulmonary high blood pressure in addition to for researchers within the box of erythropoietin and principal chemoreceptors.

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