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This booklet will encourage and have interaction healthiness execs to profit the necessities of anatomy and body structure via its visible strategy and exact pedagogy. The condensed content material covers the fundamentals with no huge element. center thoughts are awarded visually to let them to realize a greater knowing of the fabric. procedure diagrams are built-in through the chapters to lead healthiness execs in the course of the fabric.

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The petrous part forms the thick pyramidal base of the bone. It begins posterior to the external acoustic meatus as the mastoid process and ends where it forms a junction with the basi-occipital and greater wing of the sphenoid. The name petrous describes its rock-like appearance. This is the thickest part of the temporal bone. It arises from the otic capsules that stabilize the delicate internal ear structures. The mastoid is the posterolateral protuberance of the petrous portion that is easily palpable just posterior to the ear.

Microscopic analysis of this dense bone reveals that it has many microscopic spaces containing cells and blood vessels in circular arrangements called osteons. indd Page 27 15/03/11 6:01 PM user-F391 /Users/user-F391/Desktop Cartilage Growth Plate Bone tissue forms during development by either replacing cartilage tissue precursors (endochondral ossification) or by developing within mesenchymal connective tissue (intramembranous ossification). In endochondral ossification cartilaginous growth plates remain between developing bone centers to allow a bone to increase in length and size.

The thick quadrilateral basioccipital, or basilar part, contributes to the base of the cranium anterior to the foramen magnum. Lateral to this and converging with the squama are the two condylar parts or exoccipitals. Together the four regions of the bone form the borders to the large circular opening, the foramen magnum, which provides passage for the spinal cord between the cranial vault and the spinal canal. The occipital bone articulates with six bones. indd Page 56 15/03/11 8:44 PM user-F391 /Users/user-F391/Desktop Cranial Bones – Temporal The temporal bone is a complex bone with five distinct parts.

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