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By Stephen Rogers Peck

Отличная книга по человеческой анатомии, ставшая уже классикой в своем жанре. Охватывает как темы, посвященные скелету и мышцам, так и более экзотические - жир, вены, волосы, возраст, пол, расса и т.д. Текст простой для чтения и не перегружен техническими деталями. Множество отличных анатомических иллюстраций, а также схематических зарисовок. Stephen Rogers Pecks Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist continues to be unsurpassed as a handbook for college kids. It contains sections on bones, muscle tissues, floor anatomy, share, equilibrium, and locomotion. different precise positive factors are sections at the varieties of human body, anatomy from beginning to previous age, an orientation on racial anatomy, and an research of facial expressions. The wealth of data provided by means of the Atlas guarantees its position as a vintage for the examine of the human shape.

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The biology of animal stress. Oxfordshire: CABI. , & Grafman, J. (2006). Human fronto-mesolimbic networks guide decisions about charitable donation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A, 103, 15623–15628. Morris, D. (1969). The human zoo. New York: Kodasha. Mosley, C. (2011). Pain and nociception in reptiles. Veterinary Clinics of North America Exotic Animal Practice, 14, 45–60. Panksepp, J. (1998). Affective neuroscience. New York: Oxford University Press. , Dolan, R. , & Frith, C.

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3. Cognition could end up serving some particular concern of the individual rather than the interest of the genes contained within. A more parsimonious scenario is that evolution expanded on early reflexive or instinctive behaviour associated with attraction and aversion by adding mood value, and gradually increased the cognitive capacity for the purpose of a more fine-tuned assessment of select types of behaviour. In short, the four-level hierarchy of operating procedures detailed below seems to reflect the evolutionary strategy.

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