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Bonds Chemical bonds are the forces that hold atoms together. byte A byte is a unit of information formed from eight bits. cells The smallest units of the human body are called cells. crystal structure The regular pattern of atoms in a solid is called the crystal structure. 46 nanometer One nanometer is one billionth of a meter. neutrons Electrically uncharged particles called neutrons are found in the nucleus of an atom. nucleus The nucleus is the dense core at the center of an atom. particle accelerators Machines called particle accelerators are used to smash particles such as atoms together.

D A Short for deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA molecules contain the instructions for life. radioactive decay This process is when an atomic nucleus breaks down. electrons Negatively charged particles called electrons revolve around the nucleus of an atom. semiconductor A semiconductor can either stop or allow electricity to flow through it. elements Fundamental substances called elements contain only one type of atom. strong nuclear force The powerful strong nuclear force holds neutrons and protons inside the nucleus.

If each wheel could expand to the size of a coin, the wheels would cover 650,000 miles (1,000,000 km). That is three times the distance between Earth and the Moon. ” However, scientists use these words in a precise way. ) So nanotechnology looks at devices that are billionths of a meter in size. Miniature Technology Nanotechnology today Most people have embraced the use of nanotechnology without really realizing it. Over the last few years, many household items have begun to include nano-sized materials.

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