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By A. Heyting, N. G. De Bruijn, J. De Groot, A. C. Zaanen

Bibliotheca Mathematica: a sequence of Monographs on natural and utilized arithmetic, quantity V: Axiomatic Projective Geometry, moment version makes a speciality of the rules, operations, and theorems in axiomatic projective geometry, together with set concept, prevalence propositions, collineations, axioms, and coordinates. The ebook first elaborates at the axiomatic strategy, notions from set concept and algebra, analytic projective geometry, and occurrence propositions and coordinates within the airplane. Discussions specialize in ternary fields connected to a given projective aircraft, homogeneous coordinates, ternary box and axiom procedure, projectivities among strains, Desargues' proposition, and collineations. The booklet takes a glance at prevalence propositions and coordinates in area. subject matters comprise coordinates of some degree, equation of a aircraft, geometry over a given department ring, trivial axioms and propositions, 16 issues proposition, and homogeneous coordinates. The textual content examines the elemental proposition of projective geometry and order, together with cyclic order of the projective line, order and coordinates, geometry over an ordered ternary box, cyclically ordered units, and basic proposition. The manuscript is a invaluable resource of information for mathematicians and researchers attracted to axiomatic projective geometry.

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Case a). The coinciding vertices are joined to Ç, dD\ can be applied to the triangles P'A2B2 and P' € A 4 B 4 , P € A 2 B2, and the points of intersection Al9 A2P' n AAP = A39 B2P' n B^P = B3 are follows that PP\ A2A^ and B2BA are concurrent; passes through Q'. (Fig. 17). g. Ax = Bx. PA4B^9 since A2B2nAéB^= collinear. It that is, B2B^ Case b). g. A2 = B2. Now D\ can be applied to the triangles P'A1B1 and PA3B39 for PeAxBl9 P' € A3B3 and AXA39 B1B39 PP' are concurrent. It follows that the points of intersection 50 INCIDENCE PROPOSITIONS IN THE PLANE B2 M Br-A P Fig.

I n ^5: If the plane is O-l-transitive, Ό1λ{0,1) is valid. 9. I n ^5: If 0 e I and the plane is O-Z-transitive, then D*0(O9 I) is valid. 10. In ψ. If every central collineation {PP'OH2) exists, where P , P ' , 0 , I are in allowed position, then D1X is valid. 11. I n ξβ: If every special central collineation (PP'02l2) exists, where P , P ' , 0 , l are in allowed position and 0 el, then Df0 is valid. P R O O F S . I t suffices to prove Th. 8. Let ΑλΑ2Α3 and B1B2B3 be triangles such t h a t corresponding vertices as well as cor­ responding sides are different, while OeAiBi (i = 1, 2, 3 ) .

So let us suppose t h a t P φ P', A 4 PQ and A 4 I. Denoting &PP,{A) by A', we apply D1X{0,1) to the triangles PQA and P'Q'A'. Firstly, it follows t h a t QA intersects Q'A' on Z; and secondly, t h a t (&QQ'(A) = A'. L e m m a 2. Let Q, R be points outside OP and Z, and A a point on OP, b u t A φ 0. @ P P ,(Ç) = Q'\ ®PP>(R) = Ä ' · T h e n ©QQ'(^) = PROOF. @ÄÄ'(4)· First suppose t h a t 0 Ç ^ 02?. B y lemma 1 we have 44 INCIDENCE PROPOSITIONS IN THE PLANE Chap. 2 (R) = R'; another application of lemma 1 gives the desired result.

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