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By Ad Konings

Tanganyika cichlids are the main fascinating aquarium fishes recognized at the present time. greater than the other crew of aquarium fishes, they've got evoked nice ardour between hobbyists. they supply aquarists with a mix of beautiful fishes, fascinating habit, and straightforward upkeep. as a way to get pleasure from your Tanganyika cichlid aquarium to the whole, in spite of the fact that, it really is necessary to take their particular upkeep requisites under consideration. This new consultant offers professional suggestion on all of the parts of right upkeep, resembling selection of aquarium (with info of the minimal dimension and potential required for every species discussed), growing the right kind water stipulations, offering acceptable decor, feeding, breeding, universal illnesses, and so on. This e-book is a revised and enormously extended model of the Tanganyika cichlids consultant released during this sequence in 1996. It includes a number of new chapters and the variety of images has doubled to approximately six hundred. This consultant offers an outline of all of the species that experience develop into on hand to the pastime and finished info on how one can retain them within the absolute best manner. distinct foldout maps and the varied notable pictures make this advisor critical for somebody attracted to those interesting fishes. 192 pages, over 625 colour pictures, hardcover, and dimension: 7" x 9.5" (17.5 x 24.5 cm).

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