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By Inc. BarCharts

Pressure issues of the arms & toes, color-coded and mapped from a number of views.

Chart is loaded with fantastically illustrated diagrams, truly and concisely categorized for simple identification.

Illustrations by means of award-winning scientific illustrator Vince Perez.

Chart contains specified diagrams of:

• plantar foot
• lateral foot
• palmar hand
• lateral hand
• dorsal hand
• medial hand
• dorsal foot
• medial foot

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The control center still provides commands to an effector, but this time the effector produces a physiological response that adds to or reinforces the initial change in the controlled condition. The action of a positive feedback system continues until it is interrupted by some mechanism. 4). The first contractions of labor (stimulus) push part of the fetus into the cervix, the lowest part of the uterus, which opens into the vagina. Stretch-sensitive nerve cells (receptors) monitor the amount of stretching of the cervix (controlled condition).

7 Planes through the human body. Transverse plane Frontal, transverse, sagittal, and oblique planes divide the body in specific ways. Posterior Anterior Transverse section (b) Frontal plane Frontal plane View Transverse plane Frontal section (c) Midsagittal plane Midsagittal plane (through the midline) Parasagittal plane Oblique plane View Midsagittal section Right anterolateral view ? Which plane divides the heart into anterior and posterior portions? Which plane divides the brain into unequal right and left portions?

What would happen to heart rate if some stimulus caused blood pressure to decrease? Would this occur by way of positive or negative feedback? 4 Positive feedback control of labor contractions during birth of a baby. The solid return arrow symbolizes positive feedback. If the response enhances or intensifies the stimulus, a system is operating by positive feedback. Contractions of wall of uterus force baby's head or body into the cervix, thus Increasing Stretching of cervix Receptors 11 and blood cells (including heart cells) receive less oxygen and function less efficiently.

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