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By Ashley H. Robins

Pores and skin colour might be the main decisive and abused actual attribute of humankind. This booklet offers a multidisciplinary evaluation of the way and why human populations range so markedly of their epidermis colour. The organic points of the pigment telephone and its construction of melanin are reviewed. The services of melanin within the dermis, mind, eye and ear are thought of, and the typical medical abnormalities of pigmentation, akin to albinism, are defined and illustrated. specific reflectance info from around the globe surveys of pores and skin colour also are provided. subsequent, ancient and modern backgrounds of the phenomenon are explored on the subject of the so-called colour challenge in society. eventually, the prospective evolutionary forces that form human pigmentation are assessed.

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E. melanin) was used by the ancients as a dye (sepia). The squid stores its melanin in a reservoir and, in time of danger, squirts the pigment from a siphon so as to create a smokescreen to divert its enemy. Cephalopod melanin is invulnerable to decay and early in the nineteenth century, in the south of England, a 150-million-year-old squid was discovered whose own ink was used to make drawings of its remains (Fox & Vevers, 1960). Perhaps a specific search for melanin in fossil deposits may provide some clue as to the skin colour of early hominids.

44 Ultraviolet radiation and the pigmentary system blistering. UV-B not only causes erythema but also stimulates the production of the melanin which constitutes the basis for tanning. Although only 1 per cent of the UV reaching the earth is UV-B the potential of UV-B to induce erythema is so great that it has sometimes been designated as the 'sunburn spectrum'. ) The UV-B portion of the spectrum can promote skin cancer, especially if exposure to it has been repeated and prolonged. The most common skin cancers in Caucasoids occur on the sun-exposed areas of the body (especially the head and neck).

1989). In these trials melatonin significantly alleviated the jet lag and tiredness occasioned by such flights. There is a cyclical disorder of mood {seasonal affective disorder) characterized by recurrent episodes of autumn/winter depression alternating with periods of spring/summer elation. g. 4 The hypothesis is that the antidepressant effects of bright light in seasonal affective disorder are mediated by the suppression of melatonin secretion which is itself induced by the light. , 1988).

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