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By Professor Friedrich Pauwels Dr. med., Dr. med. h. c., Dr. Ing. E. h. (auth.)

The contents of this booklet are dependent nearly solely on merely anatomical researches. those have been prompted by means of questions posed in scientific perform. the consequences are directed to working towards surgeons. Their chronological series results in a step-by-step improvement of theoretical bases and to a innovative rejection of previous conceptions. particularly within the box of orthopaedic surgical procedure, a liable angle is feasible neither with no strong anatomical wisdom, nor with out an concept of sensible relationships. W. Roux had already validated this and he sought after his works of sensible anatomy to be thought of from this perspective. He in particular preoccupied himself with a uniform conception of sensible version. hence it really is comprehensible that the theories ofRoux shaped the foundation from which to begin. Our personal researches appeared firstly to corroborate the information of Roux, at the very least partially. this is often nonetheless obtrusive within the monograph pertaining to fractures of the femoral neck. Later it seemed that ST. KROMPECHER had made a step forwards within the subject of chondrogenesis while he deserted the shear thought postulated by means of Roux and held that compression used to be the one powerful stimulus for the forma­ tion of cartilage. The study in regards to the therapeutic of fractures is predicated in part at the concept of KROMPECHER which was once new at the moment. yet finally progressively more discoveries may well not be defined through this belief which used to be in simple terms somewhat varied from the older theories (1. WOLF, W. Roux, W.

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On the X-rays (Figs. 78-80), the evolution of the mechanical stressing thus modified can be followed. As long as an effective shearing force acts, the femoral neck is progressively resorbed. When the roof of the socket has found support on the top of the greater trochanter, bony healing begins. From this point of view, the disappearance of the femoral neck is able exceptionally to create conditions which are favourable to bony healing. The Effect of Different Methods of Treatment as Confirmation of the Action of Mechanical Forces on the Process of Healing of the Fractured Neck of Femur Continuous Traction The theoretical reasonings find further confirmation in the working of the known methods of treatment.

The fracture belonged to type 3 in which the formation of bony regeneration tissue is greatly jeopardized by the action of a particularly great effective shearing force combined with a tensile force. One also often sees a fractured neck of femur, apparently healed, progressively evolve into a pseudarthrosis after being loaded. This is now understandable because, even with an effective initial treatment, harmful mechanical stimuli develop their complete effect on the regeneration tissue only when loading is begun.

The distal fragthe formation of bony regeneration tissue had to ment is resorbed as far as the intertrochanfail and further, due to the interposition of tissue teric line, the proximal as far as the margin joining the fragments, the degenerate fracture of the head. The two are apparently bound ends were subjected to tensile and shearing forces. The tensile stress can exert an attrition effect. This together by interposed connective tissue. appears in the X-rays of cases 72 and 76. In these Meanwhile, microscopy shows that it is not cases, only the action of pure tensile stress can be interposed connective tissue but rather conheld responsible for the disintegration of the bony nective tissue organized longitudinally.

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