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By B. C. Robison

Regardless of the place you notice birds within the city—in parks or woodlands, on strength strains or in parking lots—they are the traditional soul of the city panorama. They increase the town and the lives of these who watch them.

Nature author B. C. Robison and natural world photographer John Tveten have teamed as much as produce this box consultant for birders who are looking to establish the birds most ordinarily obvious in Houston. Fifty-five species are integrated, starting from such famous favorites because the mockingbird and cardinal to the extra unique yellow-crowned evening heron.

A full-color photo for every chicken seems to be along hot and sometimes witty description. for speedy reference, a precis of the first box marks of the grownup fowl is additionally supplied. This precis comprises not just settling on positive aspects of the chook but in addition its habitats, the time of 12 months it may be stumbled on, and its specified behavioral traits.

Aimed initially birder, the consultant additionally offers pointers on procuring binoculars and on attracting birds in your backyard.

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