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;Boeing B-17E&F Flying castle [Aircraft Profile 077] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Boeing B-17E&F Flying castle Автор: Charles D.Thompson Серия: plane Profile 077 Издательство: Profile guides Ltd Страниц:16 Формат: PDF в rarЯзык: английский Размер: 7.72 Мб Для сайта: Мир книгCамолеты серии B-17 были странной смесью блестящей конструкторской работы, догматически неправильного применения, аэродинамического совершенства, приспособляемости, легенды, великолепия и удачи, приукрашенных пропагандой военного времени в духе величия. Как во всех случаях с "самолетом для пилота", послушание обеспечивало ему любовь экипажей и вело к затушевыванию дефектов zero

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In 1637 rank-and-file colonists overwhelmingly voted Winthrop, hence orthodoxy, back into office. Orthodox ministers and magistrates popularized their message by presenting themselves as the protectors of the Bay Colony’s ordinary inhabitants, whom they frequently referred to as “honest husbandmen,” from an anticommunal, inegalitarian, mystical antinomianism. The antinomian emphasis on exceptional people or atypical dispensations—as opposed to the way things worked under normal circumstances—did not, in the long run, appeal to the rank and file.

While making sure that his hearers understood he regarded “our sister as a lost woman” and that he never would “open my mouth in the least kinde to hinder the churches proceedinge,” he nonetheless expressed clearly the opinion that admonition might not be necessary if Hutchinson were given more time to consider and be convinced that she was wrong: but I would humbly propose this to the churches Consideration seeing Admonition is one of the greatest Censures that the Church can pronounce agaynst any offender and one of the last next to Excommunication and to be used agaynst Impenitent Offendors, but seinge God hath turned her hart about allready to see her Error or Mistake as she calls it in some of the poynts.

95 In defiance of the whole thrust of seventeenth-century orthodoxy, Keayne was denying that one’s true identity, one’s whole self, could or should be known by the community. 96 Both Keayne, with his bristling animosity against those who professed to judge him without understanding his true nature, and Stoughton, with his use of a covering legal fiction at Anne Hutchinson’s civil trial, were more comfortable than others with the full complexity of the human character. To some extent, this willingness came easily to individuals of their social status: active merchants and denizens of the transatlantic community.

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