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By Nigel Blundell

Mass homicide is lousy adequate. yet a few serial killers not just embark on slaying to slake their perverted pleasures yet benefit from the mutilation in their sufferers' our bodies – and occasionally additionally revert to cannibalism.

The easy act of slaying may sicken most folk. but that's not adequate a thrill if you happen to locate the buzz starts as soon as their sufferers are lifeless. slicing up corpses is, in fact, a technique of taking away the facts. yet the following we learn the butchers who dismember for pleasure.

They are monsters like Andrei Chikatilo, the so-called 'Rostov Ripper', who tortured, murdered, chopped up and occasionally cannibalized as many as 50 sufferers. Or they are often quiet unassuming perverts like Dennis Nilsen, whose London residence of horrors so overflowed with physique elements that they blocked the drains.

There is not anything new approximately this, the sickest facet of murder, after all. the main well-known serial killer of all was once Jack the Ripper – and butchering maniacs have been...

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He was also hit with an iron bar and had drain cleaner poured down his throat. Bryson’s ordeal lasted for five days until his escape. The shock of hearing Bryson’s story was nothing compared to their reaction when they raided 4315 Charlotte Street. There they found an array of torture devices, two human skulls, two envelopes of human teeth, occult literature, a satanic ritual robe, pornographic magazines, syringes and a liquid drug. Excavation of Berdella’s backyard revealed another human head.

He left in disgrace for London where, to spite his parents, he married their illiterate serving girl and changed his first name to Roslyn. Author Melvin Harris believes that Mrs D’Onston Stephenson, who disappeared in 1887, was butchered by her husband. From wife murder, it was but a short step to the killing of the five Whitechapel prostitutes the following year. The devious Stephenson then became a self-professed expert on the crimes and persuaded the Pall Mall magazine to publish his articles, which examined the slayings with a strange authority and detail.

The author, who has made millions from her fictional crime stories, investigated Sickert because he had been previously put forward as a suspect. She studied his paintings, which she said reflected the murder scenes, and his letters, which she says were written on the same stationery as the Ripper’s. She also claimed there was a DNA link between the two. Interviewed about her book Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper, Miss Cornwell said: ‘Sickert led a horrifying double life, painting by day and killing by night.

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