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This signal enters the blanking gate, IC1, at pin 2 in figure 1. Now, when I turn on my system and erase the memory, my TV fie ld shows a nice white area with a black border top and bottom . My character generator output produces black on white characters which I find preferable to the usual wh ite on black. Simp ly by turn ing off the logic power I can be instantly flooded with the inanities emanating from the vast TV wasteland. With this design, I have no need to pull plugs orthrow swi tches.

When the CPU encounters a RETURN instruction it causes the PROGRAM COUNTER PUSH-DOWN STACK to "pop" up one level. This effectively causes the address saved in the stack by the calling rou tine to be taken as the new program counter. Hence, program execution returns to the calling location . THE UNCONDITIONAL CALL INSTRUCTION CAL 1X6 This instruction followed by two words containing th e LOW and then the HIGH order of the starting address of the SUBROUTINE that is to be executed is an UNCONDITION AL CALL.

THE BOOLEAN 'A1'\D' OPERATION INSTRU CT ION SET When the boolean AN D instruction IS "xec uted , eac h bit of tlw accu mulator will bp com pared with the corrpspondi ng hit in Iw register o r memory location speeifi ed by ltw . instruction. As eac h hit is comparpd a logic result will be placed in tlw aC('umulator for each bit comparison. The logic rpsult is d(, term in I'd as follows. If both the hit in tlw accumulator and thp bit in thE' registl' r with which th e operation is bping perfornwd arp a logic one, then the acc umulator bit will be le ft in th e logic onp condi tio n.

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