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On reception it starts outputting garbage since the bits at the end of the word get ahead of or behind the "ideal" positions. A high quality, lin e operated recorder can usually hold its speed variation to within a percent or two, but in expe nsive battery operated units can not. Thi s speed variation is en hanced if we are reco rd ing on one mach ine and playing back on another. Th ere's a simpl e way out of thi s bind. Put a signal on the tape th at not on ly tells you ones and zeros but also how fast the tape is go ing.

The BIT BOFFER can easily take care of this, but the system which is ultimatel y doing the receiving and using the data has to handle the faster rate. For instance, on a TVT with a single frame update, 60 characters per second is the upper limit on entry. With a Teletype, 10 characters per second is usually tops. To beat this problem when interfacing fixed speed systems, you simply hold the character rate down a little when recording, say to 75 or 80 percent of capacity. This is done by having the data source wait several tens of milliseconds between characters.

This is particularly easy to do with ACIA type microprocessor interface devices with bi-directional parallel 10 lines. IIRK (A) Universal asynchronous data format. 5 chari second 22 chari second 44 chari second (e) Timing standards. Figure 2: Data format and time standards for several data rates. The BYTE provisional audio cassette standard utilizes the 300 baud data rate; communication with a Teletype requires a 110 baud data rate. p Figure 3: Block diagram of the BIT BOFFER. The integration of BIT BOFFER into a microcomputer system requires a UART or other existing serial 10 interface.

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