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By Blythe Camenson

The single profession sequence to compare the precise activity with the best character important info in each one publication contains: prompt jobs in a variety of settings, from the workplace to the outside a range of jobs with various degrees of academic specifications suggestion on competing in scorching activity markets tips about reworking leisure pursuits into activity abilities

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That’s also a roundabout way of saying the hours are inconsistent. The staff typically works four ten-hour days, but with the aquarium open seven days a week and the unpredictable nature of animals, something always arises that disturbs the routine. ” On the Job. As an assistant curator, Montague supervises eight people who train and monitor the animals and present them to the public. They work with the colony of resident marine mammals, including Atlantic harbor seals, California sea lions, and California sea otters.

They aren’t trying to U N D E RWAT E R S C I E N C E • 3 1 be mean, but you’re down there feeding them and handling them, and they aren’t tame animals,” she says. With the amount of interaction aquarists have with the animals, birds and fish alike, they’re bound to end up getting nips and bites sooner or later. But Urquhart isn’t overly concerned, saying that the staffers dealing with stranded animals, such as sick seals, probably have to worry more about being bitten or harmed than an aquarium diver.

Stilipec was drawn to the navy through a combination of interest in ships and naval aviation, family history, and dissatisfaction with his career at the time. Selling women’s shoes at JC Penney two years out of high school, Stilipec decided there had to be something better to do. Around that time, he received a letter from the navy encouraging him to enlist, and he responded by sending back a form with the programs and areas that appealed to him.

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