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By Diane Lovejoy

The time period “Cat Lady” can evoke identical to an retro, unkempt, and a bit of unhinged spinster hoarding a number of cats. Cat woman Chic serves because the antidote to this unflattering viewpoint, celebrating the Cat girl with a compilation of crafty, playful, and complicated photographs of a few of the main popular, attractive, and comprehensive ladies in glossy historical past with the cats they love.

The quantity includes a sharp, humorous introductory essay at the Cat woman conundrum besides ratings of photo­graphs of pussycats paired with well-known tom cat fanatics throughout a spectrum of backgrounds, together with figures corresponding to Audrey Hepburn, Georgia O’Keeffe, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Zelda Fitzgerald, Lana Del Rey, Lauren Bacall, Joan Jett, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and extra.

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