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This is wrong. Saying that "finding that A causes Bit means "finding that A is constantly conjoined with B" does not involve that finding conjunctions is done by nothing but finding, taking, that is, "findingtl to mean ticking off correlations as they pass, as it were. Possibly this is too crude a picture, but I do not think it can be completely excluded from Whitehead's view, at this place. It may be said, however, that a regularity view tends to suggest cov$riant smallish groups of items rather than patterns of occurrences.

It has seemed to philosophers that examples as different as (I) , "I raise my arm", (2) t1These two stars move in a mathematically describable conjunction", (3) liThe stone broke the window", are the natural, the right ones to focus on. N. Whitehead , characterized it as a restricting theory. He takes the case of insects visiting flowers and notices what this suggests, namely, "a congruity in the nature of insects and flowers". 266. 53-4. 24. scientific achievements would have been less, since they would have been content to "notice regularities" instead of "looking for causes".

There is a sense in which a hand may be mentioned as an' example, as something exempl ifying "Anything that has shape has size ", It may be ment ioned in the sense that "My hand has shape and size" may be used as a statement to reflect upon; one may say "Well, let's see what you can say about my hand and its shape and size". Or it may be shown in order to explain what "shape" and "size" mean; you could show it to someone who did not understand the words, accompanying your 40. wordS by tracing the outline and doing something like measuring the outline or the area.

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