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By J R Backhurst, J H Harker, J.F. Richardson

This quantity within the Coulson and Richardson sequence in chemical engineering comprises complete labored recommendations to the issues posed in quantity 1. while the most quantity comprises illustrative labored examples during the textual content, this booklet comprises solutions to the tougher questions posed on the finish of every bankruptcy of the most text.These questions are of either a regular and non-standard nature, and so will turn out to be of curiosity to either educational employees instructing classes during this quarter and to the prepared scholar. Chemical engineers in who're searching for a customary strategy to a real-life challenge also will locate the ebook of substantial interest.* a useful resource of data for the coed learning the fabric contained in Chemical Engineering quantity 1* A valuable approach to studying - solutions are defined in complete

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At what distance from the centre of the pipe will the fluid be flowing at the average velocity? 28 Cooling water supplied to a heat exchanger flows through 25 mm diameter tubes each 5 m long arranged in parallel. If the pressure drop over the heat exchanger is not to exceed 8000 N/m2 , how many tubes must be included for a total flowrate of water of 110 tonne/h? Density of water D 1000 kg/m3 . Viscosity of water D 1 mNs/m2 . Assume pipes to be smooth-walled. If ten per cent of the tubes became blocked, what would the new pressure drop be?

81 ð 107 From Fig. 0 ð 105 From Fig. 23 Oil of density 950 kg/m3 and viscosity 10 2 Ns/m2 is to be pumped 10 km through a pipeline and the pressure drop must not exceed 2 ð 105 N/m2 . What is the minimum diameter of pipe which will be suitable, if a flowrate of 50 tonne/h is to be maintained? Assume the pipe wall to be smooth. 0396 Re 1/4 . 193 m In order to use the friction chart, Fig. 7, it is necessary to assume a value of R/ u2 , calculate d as above, check the resultant value of Re and calculate R/ u2 and compare its value with the assumed value.

58 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING VOLUME 1 SOLUTIONS Solution For a Bingham-plastic material, the shear stress Rs at radius s is given by: RY D C Rs dux ds p dux D0 ds Rs RY RY Rs The central unsheared core has radius rc D r RY /R (where r D pipe radius and R D wall shear stress) since the shear stress is proportional to the radius s. 02 m.

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