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By Simon Reynolds

In Generation Ecstasy, Simon Reynolds takes the reader on a guided journey of this end-of-the-millenium phenomenon, telling the tale of rave tradition and techno song as an insider who has dosed up and blissed out. a party of rave's quest for the fitting beat definitive chronicle of rave tradition and digital dance track.

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RT: It was more about inventing a language of contemporary song. Because I was entering such new ground, and there were so few rules, I needed to spend some time experimenting. Henry was just an exploration of the possibilities of the genre. ” I was pulling songs out of the air, and using whatever was on hand to record and arrange them. Much the same could be said of the next album. indd 39 4/16/12 10:03 AM 40 The Individualist DT: In some ways, you have more genuine folk elements in your “folk rock” than others for whom the term has been used.

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