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By J.H. Brennan

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You can claim first strike because of your surprise attack: after that it's out with the old dice to see how the fight goes. The Guards each have 15 LIFE POINTS. Their swords will do +2 damage and their armour deducts 2 from any damage scored against them. 96-97 If the Guards kill you, go to 14. If you kill the Guards, you now have the option of: 1. Entering the room they were guarding - go to 138. 2. Returning up the corridor and continuing east - go to 130. 3. Returning up the corridor and continuing north - go to 149.

And so on. If the Hounds kill you, go to 14. If you kill the Hounds, go to 141. 29 You climb the stone steps to the battlements and ... Good grief! The battlements and towers are guarded by a horde of Archer Insects! These horrifying creatures are nearly two metres tall, each one looking for all the world like a giant Preying Mantis, each one armed with a bow and a quiver of twenty arrows. There are hundreds of them skulking up here! No chance to fight so many. Roll two dice to find out if you can make it safely back down the steps to the yard.

If it is, he is known as the most evil, fearsome opponent in the realm (next to the Wizard Ansalom, of course). If you feel like fighting him, turn to 17. If you don't (and who could blame you), speak to him politely and turn to 25. 21 Brave Pip! You draw your faithful sword, Excalibur Junior, which, don't forget, gives you + 5 damage on the beast if you hit. 'Hello,' mumbles EJ (for Merlin did say it talked occasionally), 'fighting wolves, are we? That's pretty dangerous at your age, isn't it?

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