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Bickel's lips thinned. " Did I push too hard? she wondered. And she spoke quickly, "Oh, I'm with you, Bickel. " "I don't know all the answers," Bickel growled, "but I'm not going to sit out here moaning about fate . . " What if we have to turn back? Bickel's inhibition then? Flattery wondered. " Flattery asked. Bickel glanced at Prudence. "I'd prefer starting at once, but that means I'd miss my shift on the board . . and since I'll need Tim --" "We can handle it," Flattery said. " Prudence looked up at the big board and the inactive repeaters over her couch, wondering at her sudden feeling of chill.

Bickel countered. "Ready replacements for any members of the crew slaughtered on the way. Another arrow in the quiver just in case we do get over the hump to a habitable planet where we can plant the seed of humankind. And . . " Prudence demanded. "I can't say just yet," Bickel said. "It's just a hunch . . " "You'd better explain that," Flattery said, but he could feel in the dryness of his throat and mouth that Bickel already had seen through to the horror element of Project Consciousness.

Increasingly difficult to hide his resentment of Bickel. Psychiatrist, heal thyself, he thought. the safety fuse. He found it Bickel has to take charge. I'm just Flattery glanced at the false plate on his personal repeater board, thinking of the trigger beneath that plate and the mate to it in his quarters concealed by the lines of the sacred graphic on the bulkhead. "Arbitrary turn-back command," Flattery reminded himself. That was the code signal he must listen for from UMB. That was the signal he must obey -unless he judged the ship had to be destroyed before receiving that signal.

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