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From this, a column arose which flared into a fan-shaped opening at the top. "Let's take it part by part," Tom said. "Down CHOW'S SKYWAY MISHAP 107 in this bell-shaped housing at the bottom is one of my midget atomic dynamos. " Tom went on to explain that just above this, inside the column, was the electronic apparatus of the repelatron itself. "The rays which support the highway," Tom continued, "will be beamed out through this fan-like opening at the top. " Hank put in. "They'll project rays to the right and left of the highway.

Tom chuckled but did not explain, since he always preferred not to recount his dangerous experiences for fear of alarming Sandy and his mother. A WEIRD MONSTER 101 After saying good-by to Mr. and Mrs. Swift, the three piled into Bud's red convertible and sped off to pick up Phyl Newton. Ten minutes later they arrived at the Shopton Yacht Club on Lake Carlopa. The two couples enjoyed a gay dinner on the terrace overlooking the water. They were just about to start dancing when a white-jacketed steward paged Bud by name.

We bit, all 106 REPELATRON SKYWAY right-hook, line, and sinker. " Tom's suggestion was hailed with cheers. After the pranksters had picked up some friends, the group drove to the club where Sandy and Phyl were still waiting. " The evening proved a huge success. When it was over, Rock Harriman unloaded his camera and thrust the roll of film into Tom's hand. "Here's a present," Rock said. " Tom grinned with relief. " On Monday morning Tom called Hank Sterling and Arv Hanson into his laboratory. Arv was one of the Swifts' most trusted craftsmen.

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