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There were fires in every grate, and a splendid breakfast had been laid out in the informal dining room, with coddled eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, toast with butter and marmalade, and his own personal favorite, broiled mackerel. Francesca, however, was nowhere to be found. When he inquired after her, he was given a folded note she‟d left for him earlier that morning. It seemed she felt that tongues might wag at their living alone together at Kilmartin House, and so she had removed herself to her mother‟s residence at Number Five, Bruton Street, until either Janet or Helen arrived down from Scotland.

He wasn‟t ready for anyone to say this was a good thing. And by God, if anyone offered his congratulations… Well, he wouldn‟t be responsible for the violence. “She asked for you,” his mother said. ” he asked, his eyes flying open with surprise. Helen nodded. ” “I can‟t,” he said. ” He shook his head, panic making his movements too quick. ” “You can‟t abandon her,” his mother said. ” Helen gasped. ” “Mother,” he said, desperately trying to redirect the conversation, “she needs a woman. ” “You can be her friend,” Helen said softly, and he felt eight again, scolded for a thoughtless transgression.

Stirling, and perhaps more importantly, no one had known John as the earl. Hearing his title on Violet Bridgerton‟s lips was a little unnerving, especially since she had, as was the custom for many mothers-in-law, habitually referred to John as her son. But if she sensed any of his inner discomfort, she gave no indication. “If you are going to be so accommodating,” she said, “then I must be as well. Please do call me Violet. ” “Oh, I couldn‟t,” he said quickly. And he meant it. This was Lady Bridgerton.

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